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indifference, n. the longest distance between you and me.

Sometimes, the person who tries to keep everyone happy is always the most lonely person, so never leave them alone because they will never say that they need you when they really do.

Visited my dad today.

He faced all this for you, for you to be loved, blessed, glorified, exalted, satisfied, accepted, freed and resurrected.

Some of the group pictures during my 17th birthday celebration last night!!! Actually, it was Ricsie’s debut celebration. She turned 18 last April 9 but to make a small gathering, we made the celebration last night. Our whole class was invited! I am so glad to see them again after a long time. Especially my best friends- Regie, Carmina and Jemma. And oh, I really hate my nose.


April 4, 2014. Swimming at Big Rock Farm Resort in San Rafael, Bulacan with fourth year section one batch 2013-2014!!! I’ve been very close to them since they were second year students, and I’m a third year student by that time. We belong to that ESEP curriculum so we are close to each other. We were only two to three sections per year level. So yeah, the call time was 5:00am so we can leave before 6:00am. I slept late so I was not able to woke up early. I woke up at 5:45am. Imagine that. The meeting place was fifteen-minute ride from my house. Yay! It was a three-hour ride from Malabon City going to the resort. It was a great experience! Plus the entrance fee is only P100. We left the place before the sunset. We were so hungry so we ate at an eatery then went home.

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